By submitting a Register for TechCats Subscriptions form I agree to the following guidelines; failure to maintain these standards may lead to revocation of registrations and subscriptions with TechCats Solutions without refund and pursuit of all remedies under law.  Please contact TechCats Solutions if you have any questions about whether your plans comply with these guidelines.

  • My use of TechCats Solutions resources is for academic and educational interest.  These resources are not to be resold or used for professional or production operations.
  • My intent is to use the resources as suggested in walkthroughs, demos, and sample assignments on the TechCats Solutions subscriptions site (e.g., processing sample ERP transactions, performing business intelligence, developing small applications, working with small scale cloud resources). Without specific permission from TechCats Solutions I will not perform large scale activities (e.g., process large transaction sets, work with very large data sets or long-running algorithms, develop large and complex applications).
  • TechCats Solutions resources are typically offered in a shared environment. Unless specifically instructed to do so (e.g., in a sample exercise or demo recommended by TechCats Solutions) I will not change or delete records, files, or structures I did not create.
  • In principal my activities and data within subscribed resources can be tracked and viewed (i.e., logins, transactions processed, changes made).  TechCats Solutions will make use of this information for troubleshooting, providing support, and -- if needed -- discovering and addressing inappropriate use of TechCats Solutions subscriptions. TechCats Solutions will share this information as appropriate within the TechCats Solutions community (e.g., TechCats Solutions technical support, course instructors). TechCats Solutions may also share aggregate and anonymous (i.e., no personal details) data outside the TechCats Solutions community for research purposes (e.g., improving resources and assignments). 
  • TechCats Solutions is committed to providing consistent access to subscriber resources and in the event of a disruption of services or loss of data TechCats Solutions will provide focused guidance and support to remedy any resulting issues.  TechCats Solutions' financial liability is limited to a refund of subscription fees.