Please note:  This documentation assumes you have an active TechCats Solutions subscription that includes remote desktop access (e.g., see Subscribing)

TechCats PowerUser Tools and DevOps Tools subscriptions provide credentials to access a 'remote server' configured to support defining, developing, and deploying small scale software applications.  Exactly what you should do with this access will, for students, be guided by assignments from your course instructor and, for instructors, be guided by your course curriculum and -- to an extent -- what can be accomplished in the server.

This document describes the basics of remoting in and has tutorials for a few, typical PowerUser Tools and DevOps Tools applications available with the subscription. The subscription is something of a canvas and paint set and these tutorials are intended to just get you started. Of course if you have some 'How do I ...?' or 'Is it possible ...' type questions, then please contact TechCats Solutions.